Movie Mondays

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For my birthday this year, my boyfriend made me this amazing list of old movies that I need to see. We call it “the canon” fondly, but there are plenty of movies considered must-sees by most in the film criticism industry that aren’t on there. In any case, he created it for me so I could get a poor-man’s film education. I intend to watch all of them this year, and document them in my new “Movie Mondays” category. With any luck, and some diligence, I’ll be watching one each week and posting a review/analysis/rant about it the following Monday. It’s ambitious. And I have to say, I’m already behind.

Stay tuned.

Rachelle Martin is a writer, media analyst and graduate student at the University of Southern California. You can find her rewatching her favorite kid's shows, writing furiously about gender, and weeping over the ‘folklore’ album. She is always wearing a sweater.


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