Roger Ebert Hates “A Clockwork Orange” And I Couldn’t Be Happier


Rachelle is a Writing, Literature, and Publishing grad from Emerson College. She loves the beach, but hates swimming (yes, that is a metaphor). She has written for The Daily Slice and is the co-host of Three Non Benders, an Avatar The Last Airbender podcast. You can find her on Twitter @rachellephant.

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2 Responses

  1. inga says:

    Thank you Rachelle for this article! I am a German film student and this movie is still glorified by our professors. Its masterpiece status makes it almost impossible to criticize its sexism.

    I share Roger Eberts point of view, that the movie just pretends to oppose the police state. It’s not necessary to stage the humiliation of women, to speak out against brainwashing. I just wonder: Would people, who defend this movie, still love it, when all women in it would be replaced by men?


    • Rachelle says:

      Inga — Thank you for your comment! That’s a good insight about replacing the women and men. I think it’s safe to say the reaction wouldn’t be the same.

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