Hot Take Roundup: Wonder Woman

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For media that makes a lot of noise, it’s hard to keep up with all the discussion–so I’m starting a new segment on this blog called the Hot Take Roundup. (Kind of a silly name, I know, but you are reading a blog called Femmedia.)

For the Hot Take Roundup I’ll catalog the funny, unique, cute, and/or unnecessary takes on the internet surrounding the latest hot-button show or movie. This is meant to provide insight on the discussion of said show or movie, in all it’s facets, because the Internet’s vast opinions can be hard to keep track of… and what’s actually worth paying attention to might get lost in the shuffle.

Anyways, this segment is a work in process, but generally, the articles presented here will be less review-oriented and more context-oriented. Hoping it gives some good information for how pieces of media land on the zeitgeist and how the zeitgeist responds.

So what does a woman-led and woman-directed superhero movie mean in the context of the industry’s history? What added pressure does it have to do well?

Turns out a lot of people have a lot of opinions about Wonder Woman, good and bad. This tweet from a friend of mine about sums it up:

Or, I’d like to note, not boycotting Wonder Woman.

From men not understanding that a woman’s presence in the movie wasn’t for them to people boycotting because the lead actress was an Israeli fighter, people really, really, really, really have opinions about this movie.

First up: Is it really a feminist dream?

Well, sorta. These takes will discuss the movie’s merits as a feminist power dream (even if nobody really liked the ultra-CGI ending):

OK, so why does it matter that Gal Gadot is Israeli?

This is a little harder to parse through, and most of these articles are less hot takes and more reporting based, but there’s a worthwhile discussion somewhere in here. For both positive and negative reasons, GG’s nationality outshined WW’s feminist film status in some people’s eyes:

More on the ethnicity/nationality/where-the-heck-are-the-women-of-color front:

Men Don’t Get Why Women Hate Sexism, Wonder Woman Edition

Bonus, because I can’t not bring Feminist Film Twitter’s epic response into this nonsense:

And Kayleigh Donaldson’s “The War Crime of Reviewing: On David Edelstein and Women in Criticism” to make you sleep a little easier.

Any other hot takes I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

Rachelle Martin is a writer, media analyst and graduate student at the University of Southern California. You can find her rewatching her favorite kid's shows, writing furiously about gender, and weeping over the ‘folklore’ album. She is always wearing a sweater.

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