“Chinatown”: Ecofeminism, Patriarchy, and What Everyone gets Wrong About Evelyn


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2 Responses

  1. Merra Marie says:

    Glad i typed “chinatown feminism” after watching this movie cause i couldn’t get out of my head the scene where jake hits evelyn. i thought it was kinda out of character. I’ve been with Jake the whole movie and empathized with him. But then: that scene. I said “oh ok…! Well i guess it was another time so it’s ok..”but then again those things don’t still happen like you said? I haven’t read any reviews on this movie but the fact rape is denied says a lot.
    Then the fact that Jake tries to help her but ends up leading up to her death doesn’t work for me either. I need to watch this again but what i can say now is that he only saved himself and couldn’t he have lied about her address? It was a hell of a mess that ending.
    About the ecofeminism: i’ve never heard of it but the way you explained it i believe you nailed it. Totally agree. And i will read more about it.

    • Rachelle says:

      Thank you for your review, and I’m glad you liked my review! Ecofeminism is a very interesting lens to look at films through and I think it’s becoming more and more popular (example: Moana has an interesting ecofeminist lens as well).

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