You see that girl smiling there? Well, inside, her heart is breaking… because her favorite teen drama was cancelled. Or because she missed out on the Game of Thrones finale when her boss demanded she stay to close even though she had requested the night off. Or because a director she really liked turned out to be a huge sexist dick. Or because she just watched one of those videos where the kitten makes a surprised face and meows but it’s such a small kitten that the meow just comes out sounding like a squeak and the squeak is the cutest thing that she’s ever heard in her whole life but she knows that ultimately the internet’s affinity for cat videos only exists because we cannot bear the weight of the 24-hour news cycle forcing us to pay attention to the dastardly bullshit going on in the world every day, and we are too afraid to look world traumas in the eye because to do so would mean to acknowledge that we are either exceptionally powerful and could stop them from happening or that we are exceptionally powerless and cannot do anything about any of it, so instead we busy ourselves with cat videos until the world moves on and we never have to decide whether or not we want to be powerful or powerless, because in doing nothing and listening to this cat squeak when it should be meowing allows us to avoid answering the question of self-actualization at all. The world is full of disappointments, kids.

Basically, my name is Rachelle, and I started this blog because I like talking about gender. I’m trying to learn how to be powerful in my own way, but I’m only armed with a strong knowledge of socioeconomic issues in the United States and a deliciously expensive English degree from a liberal arts college. So, you know. I do what I can.

Besides gender, this blog will probably include some discussion of race, LGBTQ+ issues, and other lines of intersectionality. Maybe even the occasional guide or two. But definitely no cat videos.

Other places you can find me and my work, if somehow this blog cannot satiate your need:

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